Choosing to Be Present, During a Global Health Crisis.

As the chaos heightens and the phrase “unprecedented times” is muttered on television screens in every country – I choose to remain calm.

Wait. What? Calm? Is there something seriously wrong with me?  

A bit dazed and confused, I spent the morning meditating. How is it that I can feel so grounded and present, even during this time of a world pandemic?  During meditation, I received more than one “download.”

Here are 10 reasons how I am consciously staying in the present:  

  1. Fully relying on the universe as my source of strength and energy through this challenging time in my life. My spiritual connection continues to protect and guide my mind, body and soul.
  2. Believing everything happens for a reason. I believe things are always happening for the greatest good and the evolutionary expansion for humans on this planet.
  3. Accepting death and sickness as part of the human experience. Therefore, each day I work on becoming physically stronger and healthier.
  4. Removing television and languishing in negative news. This is a huge one! This helps me stay grounded and allows me to follow my own inner guidance. 
  5. Acceptance of what’s out of my control – looking back in human history and this isn’t the first time, and most likely won’t be the last time, a global threatening illness surfaces our planet.
  6. Taking extra precautions while in public spaces, practicing social distancing and self-isolation (I believe in taking personal responsibility for what I can do.)
  7. Redirecting my thinking by reaching for new thoughts, that are at a higher vibration when I notice myself worrying. Everything is energy and what you focus on grows.
  8. Researching correct scientific facts. I don’t rely on such things as opinion news for medical advice.
  9. Shunning conversations with people who are wanting to put unnecessary negative energy into the situation at hand and avoid personal responsibility.
  10. Designing my own reality. I’m going to choose a good one, even right now. 

So maybe I am crazy or maybe I’m not?

Who knows, but for me, my ability to keep calm and present boils down to my belief system and faith in Spirit/Source/Universe – no matter what.  

If the same power that got me through substance addiction, anxiety and depression can get me through the darkest days in my life, then it can get me through this, no matter what unfolds next. If anyone is struggling with fear and worry I hope you can also find a power greater then yourself to rely on during these uncertain times.   

Some spiritual practices I use daily are prayer, meditation and self-care rituals. These tools bring me back to the present and help connect me with my inner guidance.    

I know there’s a silver lining to every situation and I hope everyone can find that. If you can’t find a silver lining yet, at least let this be a reminder to return to the ever-unfolding Now and live each day to the fullest.   

Please take personal responsibility and like I always say, “be your own savior.” Do what you can – leave the rest up to the universe. Listen to your own inner guidance, everyone needs something different right now and it’s your responsibility to find that for yourself. Just as the late Ram Dass said, “The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth.”  

Lastly, one thing I have learned on my journey, to be true for myself, is when things seem like they’re falling apart there always still always rigid in my favor. I know this to be true because when things have fallen apart, they have always been just making space for the new and better things to come into fruition.   

I know you got this, we got this. Stay safe, listen to your own inner guidance and be here now – whatever that looks like for you.

Take a moment today and place a positive affirmation on our site, and design the life you dream of.

Author: Maggie Bowles

Maggie Bowles is an author, poet and online spiritual and personal development coach. You can find her musings at and @maggiebowlesofficial on Instagram. You will most likely find her immersed in nature with her son or writing at her computer with a green smoothie. 

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    1. Chris

      These steps can help so many people during this time of uncertainty. It so easy at times to turn to what we know which at times can be fear. But brining these steps bring them to awareness which makes it easier to approach gently and effectively. Thank You 🙏🏽

      1. Maggie Bowles

        Thank you so much Chris! You’re right it’s easy to slip into fear – progress not perfection! We got this 🙂

    2. Amelia

      I really appreciate your positive outlook on this most difficult situation that we all find oursselves in right now.

      1. Maggie Bowles

        thank you and I appreciate you Amelia <3

    3. Kémili Lemire

      What a great article! Some great tips ✨

      1. Maggie Bowles

        Thank you Kemili 🙂

    4. Avery Elizabeth

      Love this article Maggie, thank you for the excellent suggestions.

      1. Maggie Bowles

        Thank you Avery, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    5. Kim McFadden

      You’ve given me lots to be grateful for today and in the future.Switching my thoughts to only positive. Keeping strong and calm.Life surely is changing daily.So I’m going to breathe and stay in the present
      Thank you Maggie

      1. Maggie Bowles

        Im glad you enjoyed this! So grateful for you today 🙂

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