Declutter For a More Abundant Life

Feeling stuck? Need an energy upgrade? Declutter your life to make room for abundance!

Declutter for Abundance

All of life is continuously flowing energy. When you are feeling joyful, and everything seems to be going your way, you are in alignment with the flow of pure source energy. However, if you feel less than wonderful in some way, you most likely have blocks that you need to declutter.

Everything you do, think or say has an energetic component and “intention.” The result is an outcome that reflects your vibration of how you feel about something. If you have scarcity thinking, you may be blocking abundance in your life with your money, your health or success.

Sometimes, you may hold onto objects that contain energy aligned with your blocks. All you have to do to fix it, is de-clutter your life! Essentially, you are making room for more positive things to come into your life by removing old, stale energetic totems.

Make Space in All Areas of Your Life

Physical Objects

First: go through every part of your life and get rid of anything that does not make you feel good. To take this exercise even further, you can donate clothing, jewelry, and other belongings for even more positive energetic escrow. When physical objects take up space in your house, they also take up energetic space as well. Look around your house and see what feels lifeless, old, or like it needs to move on. You can always use the good old, Marie Kondo technique and ask if the object “sparks joy” in your heart. If it doesn’t, donate it!


Don’t leave any stone unturned; this does not apply to just physical objects. Evaluate relationships, jobs, health issues, money and every other facet of your life. Take a good hard look at the friendships you keep and ask if they are filling you up, or draining your energy. If the answer is draining, use compassion to cut ties and make way for more mindful friends. Clear as much of the old energy as possible for abundance, happiness, and joy to come fill in the new space you created.

Belief Systems

This one is a bit trickier because they can be deeply ingrained in us from childhood. However, taking the time to examine the beliefs you hold about yourself is one of the most powerful practices. It may be that there is clutter in your mind, and that you are sending yourself many mixed messages of self-doubt and uncertainty. Notice the content of your mind and then shift your mindset to the positive through affirmations


Lastly, check out your computer. Have you constantly been getting the message that your computer is filled up? Take time to go through your music collection and delete what you don’t love. Do the same for photos. This will clear space for more memories to be made and music to be listened to!

Happy Decluttering!

Photo: Tina Dawson

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