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Feeling stuck or unmotivated? Find inspiration in your daily life with these tips!

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One of the greatest myths is that you have to wait for inspiration to find you. When you look throughout history, the greatest artists and inventors didn’t wait for inspiration, they created it. Sometimes you may find inspiration easily, and other times you have to make a conscious effort. When it’s harder to locate, we may find ourselves feeling like we are stuck, or in a rut. It’s in these moments we have to use a method to find inspiration in our day to day life! Lucky for you, this is super simple to do. Let’s check it out.

1. Do the Dishes

Yes, we know this sounds ridiculous. Doing the dishes can help jump start inspiration? But hear us out. Studies have shown that creative thinking increases when people are performing mundane, repetitive tasks. The thinking is that when you’re doing something you’ve done thousands of times before, you can go into something like an “autopilot” mode. From here, your creative brain is free to puzzle out solutions to problems and think creatively. So do those dishes!

2. Go On a Walk

This one has similar thinking to the last item, in that we all don’t have to think too hard about walking–we just do it. However, here you should find somewhere you’ve never been before. Maybe it’s that park you’ve always wanted to check out, or that beach that you just know will look amazing at nighttime. Whatever it is, take yourself somewhere new. Novelty usually inspires us greatly as it expands our perspective. If you don’t have time for a walk today, try driving a different route to work. See what you notice! This simple task combined with a new locale will greatly boost inspiration for you.

3. Journal

Whether you want to catalog your dreams or your entire day, journal only once a week or daily, one of the best ways to spark new ideas is by writing your thoughts down. The writing habit will keep thoughts flowing, which is especially helpful if we are feeling stuck. Don’t wait for the perfect place. Whether at work, play, or your commute – use what’s available – smartphone or paper. Let your thoughts flow freely without editing them. It may be helpful to look up online some journal prompts to get your mental engine revved. Come back to them from time to time and you’ll be able to draw new ideas from your past entries.

4. Eat Slowly

Have you ever tried mindful eating? It’s a practice where you slow down when you eat and appreciate your food. Before you begin eating, look at the colors and textures of the food, notice how it smells, notice the hunger in your belly. Then, when you’re ready for your first bite, go slowly and taste all the different tastes. Imagine what makes up the food, where each item came from, how far it’s travelled and all of the people who were involved in growing, selling, and getting it to your plate. In this way, we can fully experience one of our daily activities in a more mindful way. It will definitely make us appreciate our food more!

5. Take Mindful Breaks

Do you ever notice that your shoulders are tight and tense when you’re working? Do you take a break when you notice that? It’s easy to get wrapped up in the many things we need to do throughout the day. One way to remind ourselves to take a mindful break is to set a timer or use an online bell like this one. You can set it for every 30 min or every hour. Each time it rings take three deep breaths and ask what it is that you need to do in that moment. You may notice you need a walk, or a bathroom break, or you’re getting hungry. Don’t ignore those urges! Taking these breaks will remind you of what is important and help you regulate your stress response. When you do this you will feel more inspired!

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