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    I am a nurturer

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    Renell Turner

    I found strength happiness, peace in love when I learned to love me.

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    I am prepared for what life has to offer.

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    Regina Williams

    I trust and trust in the universe.

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What is life like in the comfort zone? Simply put, a comfort zone is like a plateau. It’s a place where we feel stuck, like […]

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As the chaos heightens and the phrase “unprecedented times” is muttered on television screens in every country – I choose to remain calm. Wait. What? […]

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How to thrive during a quarantine.

The Law of Detachment

“Attachment is often born out of fear. Fear of not being enough, not having enough, or of losing something or someone. Freedom comes from the acknowledgment of impermanence, which gives us the space to love more deeply. If our mind is in a state of fear, we cannot fully love.”

How to Self-Heal Throu …

“It’s easy to hold onto pain, or a story about your pain. What is the harder, but more fruitful, choice is to meet it and see it clearly for what it is with kindness and humanity.”